MiMi is an oil painter with a talent for capturing the beauty of the natural world in her landscapes as well as the unique characteristics of the subjects in her portraits. Although animals, portraits, landscapes and seascapes turn up frequently in her body of work, children hold a special place in her heart and on her canvases. The parents and grandparents who commission portraits of their children and grandchildren agree that MiMi has captured the true spirit of each one. They often tell MiMi the children look so life-filled that they half expect them to “speak from the canvas.” In 2011, MiMi was chosen by a Christian organization to create a painting which would capture the wonder of God through the eyes of children. The 4 X 6 painting entitled “All the Children of the World” currently hangs in the organization’s global headquarters in Orlando, Florida.


MiMi has painted many portraits of adults with similar success. Billy Graham said he felt that MiMi’s portrait of him captured not only his appearance but his heart. In 2013, MiMi was commissioned by the Board of Directors of the John’s Island Club in Vero Beach, Florida to paint a portrait of their beloved Golf Professional. It now hangs on permanent display in the John’s Island Club House.


After an early career in commercial interior design MiMi has been exclusively painting for the last 20 years, specializing in oils. She has studied at the National Gallery of Design in New York and the Chatov Studio in Atlanta. She has painted with many renowned artists including landscape painter Arthur Legg of Sanibel, Florida and realistic impressionist Egidio Antonnaccio of Linville, NC.


MiMi resides in Florida where she paints landscapes, seascapes and portraits by commission. Many of her paintings are available as Giclee prints.


Mimi Stickley 


Vero Beach, FL

 Linville, NC





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